Newly discovered works
Newly discovered works: Introduction

Unlike that of many negelcted composers of the romantic era, Raff's legacy benefits from the existence of a comprehensive catalogue of his music compiled shortly after his death. Albert Schäfer's catalogue - Chronologisch-Systematisches Verzeichnis der Werke Joachim Raff's (Systematic chronological catalogue of the works of Joachim Raff) - was published in 1888, just six years after the composer's death. Although not without its shortcomings it has proved to be a generally accurate and comprehensive survey of Raff's oeuvre, including works which were, by the time of its publilcation, regarded as being lost. Researches into Raff's music since interest began to revive in the 1970s has yielded several works, both extand and lost) which were not included in Schäfer's book and these have been incorporated in a new catalogue recently published by raff.org.

In recent years three such compositions have come to light. This section looks at the circumstances of their discovery, the works themselves and the evidence for dating their compostion:

Concert Etude on a Motif from I Puritani by Bellini WoO.12A

Fantaisie WoO.15A

Two Settings for Voice and Piano of Tennyson's Tears, Idle Tears WoO.52A.

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