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NEW Piano music CDs
Exciting new CDs of Raff's piano music are now available:
Piano Suites - All seven Suites in a series of four CDs!

A frequent question, especially from those in North America and Australia, is "where can I find those tempting Raff CDs mentioned on this web site?".

For those produced by comparatively large, mainstream labels such as cpo, Chandos, Hyperion, Marco Polo and Naxos there isn't much of a problem. If you are lucky enough still to have a local music outlet with a good classical department, it should have some of them and, failing that, will be able to order them. Your favourite internet or mail order store should certainly be able to supply them. If that fails then contacting the recording company should produce a list of importers or stockists in each country - visit the company's web site first. Sourcing some recordings is more difficult, however. Smaller European labels often aren't available elsewhere, or only have erratic distribution.

Downloading music from online retailers is an increasingly attractive alternative and Raff is reasonably well represented amongst the major classical online stores, although classical.com, eclassical.com and Chandos' theclassicalshop.net currently have few or no Raff recordings.

The acclaimed series of four CDs surveying Raff's complete suites for piano, together with his piano transcriptions of J.S. Bach's Cello Suites, is not generally available from music retailers but they may be ordered direct from AK Coburg, from jpc and Records International. The Cahoots CD of Piano Sonatas by Raff is no longer available but the recordings have been reissued by Cameo Classics. The RBM recording of the Cello Concerto No.1 and Bach Chaconne transcription can only be purchased privately. All enquiries should be faxed to Dr. N Kirchmann on Germany (+49) 7471 2136, or email for the mailing address for enquiries.

Be prepared to order from abroad if need be. Check shipping charge options though, as worldwide mail order charges from Europe can be high. Here are a few suggestions - the list is not exhaustive:

Mail order retailers
Records International
US based Records International is a specialist retailer with a large catalogue of unusual or obscure repertoire. It updates its online catalogue monthly.
MDT The British mail order company MDT carry the full range of the Tudor and cpo series, and also individual CDs from other companies such as Claves, Naxos/Marco Polo and Hungaroton.
Crotchet Crotchet, the UK-based specialist in obscure repertoire, carries most of the currently available Raff recordings, including some hard to find issues.
Presto Classical Another UK mail order company, Presto Classical, also offers the full range of cpo and Tudor recordings, together with some from smaller labels such as MDG and Hyperion.
The US classical music mail order speciliast ArkivMusic carries most of the currently available Raff recordings from Naxos, cpoo and Tudor, together with some from smaller labels.
jpc is a German company which probably has the best available range of Raff recordings, including the AK Coburg series. It is also moving into the online download business, although this service is currently available only in Germany.
US online mail order company hbdirect.com offers the full cpo, Tudor and Naxos ranges of Raff CDs aswell as some form other labels.
The giant Amazon internet retail operation in its American, German and British incarnations can supply most of the available Raff CDs from Tudor, cpo and Naxos/Marco Polo.
Barnes & Noble
The mail order arm of the US bookstore chain Barnes & Noble's has a good selection of CDs from the major lables with Raff series: cpo, Tudor and Naxos/Marco Polo.
The defunct US music store chain Tower is now resurrected as an online retailer and it carries the full range of Tudor and cpo CDs.
HMV On their online mail order list the UK based music retailer HMV carries the full cpo, Tudor and Naxos series of Raff recordings, together with CDs from smaller labels.
fnac The online mail order arm of the French FNAC chain carries the full range of cpo, Naxos, Marco Polo and Tudor series of Raff CDs, as well as some recordings from smaller labels.
Virgin Megastore Virgin Megastore offers the full range of cpo, Naxos, Marco Polo and Tudor series of Raff CDs, as well as some recordings from smaller labels by mail order in the USA.
Internet mp3 download retailers
ClassicsOnline Naxos-affiliated ClassicsOnline has all the currently available Naxos and Marco Polo CDs, together with a few from other labels. Tracks are DRM-free and payment is on a per-track or per-album basis.
eMusic The British eMusic.com also lists the full Naxos and Marco Polo catalogue of Raff CDs. Tracks are DRM-free, but purchase involves a monthly subscription which gives entitlement to download a fixed number of tracks.
iTunes Apple's iTunes has the Naxos/Marco Polo series of Raff CDs available for download through their iTunes software. Tracks downloaded from iTunes no longer have DRM activated and may now be copied and burned onto other media, just as thsoe form other download sites.
passionato.com The new classical specialist site passionato.com carries the Marco Polo and Chandos Raff releases. Tracks are in 320 kbps DRM-free mp3 or lossless FLAC formats and payment is on a per-track or per-work basis.

Please note that raff.org has no connection with, and in no way endorses any of the companies mentioned. It cannot be held liable in any way for any problems which arise. This is not an exhaustive list.

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