Alan Krueck
Dr Alan Krueck (1939-2010)

The Alan Krueck Archive: The Symphonies

A project which Alan Krueck cherished for decades was to write the first definitive study of Raff's life and works, a book which he provisionally titled "Joachim Raff: A biographical documentation and study of his works." No one was better qualified for the task, as he so aptly outlined to a potential publisher: "I have been involved in Raff research since the early 1960s. Had I not chosen a dissertation topic at the University of Zürich dealing with Felix Draeseke, I would have accepted one dealing with Joachim Raff. Over the years I have accumulated volumes of materials and documentation relevant to Raff and his career and, if only by default, I have become recognized as a leading authority on the composer."

He envisaged the study as a multi-volume work which would combine his translation into English of, and commentery upon, Helene Raff's biography of her father, with a thorough analysis of each of Raff's major works. Most of the research work was carried out by him during a sabbatical year during the 1970s, during which he visited several libraries in Germany holding Raff archives and scores. After his retirement, he sketched out a detailed outline of the work:

I. Introduction (ca. 25 pp.)

II. Joachim Raff: A Portrait of his Life by Helene Raff, translated into English, with critical commentary and addenda by Alan Krueck (ca. 275 pp)

III. Joachim Raff: A Study of his Works by Alan Krueck
    1. The Vocal Music (ca. 250 pp.)
        a. Solo voice(s) with Accompaniment.
        b. Unaccompanied Choral Music
        c. Choral and Orchestral Music
        d. Operas
    2. The Instrumental Music (ca. 250 pp.)
        a. Piano Music (2-4 hands, 2 pianos)
        b. Solo Instrument with Piano
        c. Chamber Music with Piano
        d. Chamber Music without Piano
    3. The Orchestral Music (ca. 300 pp.)
        a. Solo Instrument with Orchestra
        b. Miscellaneous Orchestral Music (Overtures, Symphonic Poems,
        c. The Suites
        d. The Symphonies

IV. Appendix I: Catalog of Works (ca. ? pp.)

V. Appendix II: Primary Source Materials, Bibliography, (ca. ? pp.)

VI. CD: Aural Music Examples for Text Reference (ca. 2 CDs)

Although Dr Krueck did draft his translation of Helene Raff's biography, the rest of this potentially ground-breaking work was unrealised at his death apart from the drafts of his studies of each of Raff's twelve symphonies. Although written in the 1970s, as late as 2004 Dr Krueck felt that these drafts still represented his definitive thoughts on each work. They are very significant additions to the body of Raff scholarship and so are presented here as written, with only minor changes having been made to the grammar to produce a finished piece. The text has been preserved in full, including its references to musical examples, which unfortunately could not be included as they were not found in Dr Krueck's surviving papers.

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