Cassettes and script
Radio series: La Fama Perdida

Radio series: La Fama Perdida

Raff enthusiast Luis de Orueta has kindly donated the complete set of radio broadcasts of the series La Fama Perdida: Guion Para Ciclo de Joachim Raff. Aired between July and September 1992 on the Radio 2 station of the Spanish National radio network, these 13 half hour programmes in Spanish chronicle Raff's fascinating life with the aid of extensive examples of his music drawn from commercial recordings.

Listen to an excerpt La Fama Perdida - [the excerpt is the beginning of Programme 9 - 1:41]

The 13 good quality cassette recordings of the broadcasts, together with de Orueta's full script are available for free loan, except for mailing costs. Please email for more details.






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