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Fantaisie-Sonate op.168
Valentina Seferinova treated the audience at a concert in Bognor Regis to a barnstorming interpretation of the Fantaisie-Sonate op.168. It has been recorded and is available on CD on Cameo Classics CC9024CD - review. This is the second half of the work.

Trois Morceaux op.2
In her Bognor Regis recital Valentina Seferinova gives a sensitive performance of the Trois Morceaux op.2 in a, UK. Her interpretation has been recorded and is available on CD on Cameo Classics CC9024CD - review.

I. Elégie

 II. Ballade

 III. Valse

Piano Sonata op.14 (2nd. version)
The second half of Seferinova's Bognor Regis recital was an epic rendition of the Piano Sonata op.14 (2nd. version). Her interpretation has been recorded and is available on CD on Cameo Classics CC9024CD - review.

I. Allegro

 II. Allegro molto

 III. Larghetto

IV. Allegro (first half only)

Angela's Last Day in the Cloister op.27 No.3 An Ihn
Raff's cycle of 12 piano pieces illustrating the tribulations of a dying nun was inspired by real events in Switzerland . The set is one of his earliest large scale works. Here Philip Sear plays the affecting An Ihn (To Him) which describes her religious devotions.

Suite de morceaux pour petites mains op.75
Raff wrote this very successful set of a dozen "pieces for small hands" in 1859 and several of its numbers became amongst his most popular piano works. Indefatigable British pianist Philip Sear plays four of these delicate and charming pieces.

I. Fleurette

III. Echo - Ranz-des-Vaches

 V. Après le Coucher du Soleil - Meditation

 VI. Manon - Rondoletto

Cavatine op.85 no.3 in Pauer's piano arrangement
Philip Sear delivers a very enjoyable performance of an arrangementby by the virtuoso Ernst Pauer (1826-1905) of Raff's famous Cavatine from the Six Morceaux. for violin & piano

Impromptu Valse op.94
Raff's charming Impromptu-Valse was composed in 1860 and sandwiches a hesitant central waltz section between faster waltzes which are dominated by filigree passage work. Philip Sear treats us to a winnning performance.

Valse Impromptu à la Tyrolienne WoO.28
Another persuasive performance by Philip Sear, this time of the delightfully disarming Valse Impromptu à la Tyrolienne, a fast waltz composed by Raff in 1868.

Prélude from J.S.Bach's Cello Sonata No.1 in G WoO.30 no.1 , arranged for piano
Philip Sear plays Raff's disarmingly melodious piano arrangement of the well known Prélude from J.S. Bach's Sonata No.1 for unaccompanied Cello.

La Fileuse op.157 No.2
One of Raff's most famous piano pieces in another lovely performance by British pianist Philip Sear.

Idylle op.166 No.1
British pianist Philip Sear plays another charming piece. The Idylle is the first of two pieces which make up Raff's op.166 and dates from 1871.

30 Progressive Etudes WoO.36 no.18 Fugue II on G.A.D.E.
The 18th of Raff's set of 30 Progressive Etudes is a fugue on the four notes comprising the name of the famous Danish composer Niels Gade (1817-1890). Here it is played by Erakko Ippolitov.

Selected Pieces from the Violin Sonatas of J.S. Bach arranged for piano WoO.23
Erakko Ippolitov plays the Andante: Dolce teneramente assai, the penultimate piece in Raff's collection of eighteen arrangements.

Arrangement of JS Bach's Orchestral Suite No.3 in G WoO.40 no.3
Raff's piano arrangement of the famous "Air on a G string", played by Erakko Ippolitov.

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