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Piano Trio No.1 score
Score of the Piano Trio No.1 op.102




















Piano Quintet score
Original 1864 Edition of the Piano Quintet op.107

Guide to finding scores

The Raff collections of the major European and US archives are listed in the pages of this section. These are work-by-work listings showing the institutions which hold an original edition. Modern editions are also noted.

1. Search for a score:
Search for:

Tip! The more precise you can be the better, as there may well be several works on the same page with similar names and only the first match will be shown in the results. Thus "

Abends Rhapsodie" is better than "Abends" and "Violin Sonata No.5" is better than "Sonata". Enclose a phrase in quotes as shown in these examples. Works are listed by their original German or French titles and the English translation. You can search for any.

You'll be presented with a list of pages. Choose a page and it will be displayed with the score's entry highlighted:

Alternatively, navigate to the appropriate page for the work in which you are interested.

2. Using the Score Library, Public Library & New & Facsimile Edition Symbols:
If an edition is available from this website's Score Library, in a new or facsimile edition or from public libraries, there will be some symbols next to the work's entry:

For example:         FM(2) L N N

These symbols mean:
A PDF copy of this score or parts can be downloaded from the Score Library.
The countries in which libraries are located from which the score may be borrowed or copied.
FMLN After a flag, these denote the libraries in each country from which a score may be borrowed or copied.
N A new edition or modern facsimile score is available.
(2) In a work with multiple parts, this denotes the only part(s) held by the library.

In the example, a copy of the score can be downloaded from the Score Library. Original editions can be found in the Frankfurt University Library and the Bavarian State Library, Munich, in Germany, the British Library in London, UK and the archives of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, New York, USA. A modern edition from Edition Nordstern is also available. The Bavarian library only has the work's second piece.

If the score can be downloaded from the Score Library, or is available in new of facsimile edition, go to those pages. Otherwise, return to this page, and use the symbols to look up the contact details for each institution or publisher which is listed below.

Once you have located the score, contact the library or archive direct, or your local library which may be able to arrange an inter-library loan.

Other symbols:
For convenience each work's entry may have some or all of these icons under its Opus or WoO. Number:

CD recording. Click on the icon for the recording's Discography entry.
LP recording. Click on the icon for the recording's Discography entry.
Brief description and audio excerpt. Click on the icon to hear an excerpt from the work and read a brief description of it in the Raff's Music in brief section.
Detailed description. Click on the icon for a closer look at the work in the Works in detail section. There will be several audio examples if it has been recorded.
Analysis. Click on the icon for an extensive descriptive essay on the work in the Analysis section.

Please note:
For more information about an individual work, see the full catalogue. Do not rely solely on this guide. If the library has an online catalogue, repeat your search there - it may give more details such as lending or copying policies, whether a full score, parts or both are available and the work's catalogue number. Works may be listed under the German, French or English title (or an Italian translation in Italian libraries), a different title or have been published as part of a collection of works under a title not listed in this guide. Lost works, arrangements by other composers of works by Raff, and libraries' copies of modern editions of Raff's works are not included.

If any information given in this guide is incorrect please email us with details.

3. Libraries holding scores and parts of Raff's music & New editions:

C National Library of Australia, Canberra - online catalogue.
V Austrian National Library, Vienna - Music Collection online catalogue.
B Belgian Royal Library, Brussels - online catalogue.
  Czech Republic
B Moravian Library, Brno - online catalogue.
P Prague Municipal Library - online catalogue.
K Royal Library, Music & Theatre department, Copenhagen - online catalogue.
D University of Dublin, Trinity College Library - online catalogue.
Major Collections:
D Saxon State Library, Dresden - online catalogue.
F Frankfurt University Library - online catalogue.
H Hochschule für Musik & Darst. Kunst Frankfurt, Library - online catalogue.
M Bavarian State Library, Munich - online catalogue.
S Baden-Württemberg Central Library Service, Stuttgart - online catalogue.
V Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State Library, Schwerin - online catalogue.
W Hessen State Library, Wiesbaden - online catalogue.
Other Collections:
B Staatsbibliothek Library, Berlin - online catalogue.
D Sächsische Landesbibliothek Library, Dresden - online catalogue.
C Nordrhein-Westfalen State Library, Cologne - online catalogue.
H Hochschule f ür Musik and Theater Library, Hamburg - online catalogue.
K Universität der Künste Library, Berlin - online catalogue.
L Musikhochschule Library, Lübeck - online catalogue.
S Sachsen-Anhalt University and State Library, Halle - online catalogue.
W Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Library, Weimar - online catalogue.
Italy - online catalogue for all Italy's music libraries
Major Collections:
B Instituto musicale "Gaetano Donizetti" Library , Bergamo

Conservatorio di Musica "Luigi Cherubini" Library, Florence

M Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Verdi" Library, Milan
N National Central Library, Florence
R Conservatorio Statale di Musica "Santa Cecilia" Library , Rome
Other Collections:
A Conservatorio di Musica "Luca Marenzio" Library, Brescia
B Civico museo musicale Library, Bologna
D Archeologia e storia dell'arte Library, Rome
M Palazzo Sormani Library, Milan
O Istituto Musicale Pareggiato "Orazio Vecchi" Library, Modena
P Palatina Sezione Musicale Library, Parma
V Conservatorio Statale di Musica "Arrigo Pedrollo" Library , Vicenza
A Public Library, Amsterdam - online catalogue.
H National Library of the Netherlands, The Hague - online catalogue.
R Public Library, Rotterdam - online catalogue.
B Hagegården Music Center Library, Brunskog - online catalogue.
B Basel Music Academy Library, Basel - online catalogue.
S Swiss National Library, Bern - online catalogue.
Z Zürich Central Library - online catalogue.
  United Kingdom
Major Collections:
A Royal Academy of Music Library, London - online catalogue.
C Pendlebury Library of Music, Cambridge University - online catalogue.
E Edinburgh University Library - online catalogue.
G Royal Scottish Academy of Music Library, Glasgow - online catalogue.
L British Library: Music (pre-1981) Collection, London - online catalogue.
O Bodleian Library, Oxford University- catalogue (not complete online).
Other Collections:
B Barber Music Library, University of Birmingham- online catalogue.
C Royal College of Music Library, London - partial online catalogue.
G University of Glasgow Library - online catalogue.
L University of Leeds Library - online catalogue.
M Royal Northern College of Music Library, Manchester - online catalogue.
U University of London Library - online catalogue.
  United States of America
Major Collections:
B Spaulding Library - New England Conservatory, Boston - online catalogue.
C Rosenthal Archives: Theodore Thomas Collection, Chicago Symphony Orchestra - online catalogue.
E Sibley Music Library, Eastman School of Music, Rochester University - online catalogue.
H Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library, Harvard University - online catalogue.
I Cook Music Library, University of Indiana, Bloomington - online catalogue.
M Milwaukee Public Library - online catalogue.
N New York Public Library - online catalogue.
P Edwin A Fleischer Collection, Philadelphia Free Library - online catalogue.
U University of California, Berkeley Library, Berkeley - online catalogue.
W US Library of Congress, Washington - online catalogue.
Other Collections:
B Boston Public Library, Boston - online catalogue
C Cleveland Public Library - online catalogue
I Cornell University Library, Ithaca - online catalogue
J Julliard School Library, New York - online catalogue
M Carnegie Mellon University Library, Pittsburgh - online catalogue
N New York Philharmonic Orchestra Archive, New York - email
P Peabody Conservatory of Music, Baltimore - online catalogue
S Stanford University Library, Stanford - online catalogue
W Newberry Library, Chicago - online catalogue
Y School of Music Library, Yale University Library - online catalogue
Publishers of modern editions or facsimile reproductions
E Elibron: Russia - details.
I International Music Score Library Project : Internet - details.
J Musikproducktion Jürgen Höflich: Germany - details.
K Kalmus: USA - details.
M Merton Music: UK - details.
N Edition Nordstern: Germany - details.
R Ries & Erler: Germany - details.
S Edition Silvertrust : USA - details.
A Amadeus: Switzerland - details.
B Bardon Enterprises: UK - details.
C Classical Sheet Music : Netherlands - details.
K Edition Koru: Switzerland - details.
M Edition Musica Rinata: Germany - details.
O Musica Obscura: USA - details.
R Recital Publications: USA - details.
S Edition Steingraber: Germany - details.
X Bisel Classics: USA - details.

Need More? A definitive 314 page Catalogue of Raff's Music has been published by raff.org. It contains much more information than can be included on the website and can be ordered direct from the Raff Shop.

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