Detailed Descriptions
Detailed descriptions of works by Raff

This section offers individual pages, each devoted to one of Raff's more important works. Mirroring the style and level of detail you'd find in a CD booklet or concert programme notes, these pages document the background to the music and offer movement by movement descriptions. In most cases they are complete with several streaming audio examples from the piece. These short studies don't pretend to be detailed analyses, but instead aim to convey to the average music lover the overall feel of each and to outline the circumstances of its composition.

For in-depth scholarly essays or historical articles on some of Raff's works take a look at the Analysis section.

For many more of Raff's works not covered in this section you can find short portraits in the Brief Descriptions section, together with over seven hours of audio examples of music from them.

Further detailed analysis of Raff's music can be found in the various books and articles mentioned in the Books page. The new editions of Raff scores published by Edition Nordstern and the facsimile study scores issued by Musikproduktion Höflich also feature extensive and well researched introductions, many of which are available here in the Analysis section.

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