Macbeth score
The score of Raff's Macbeth

Raff's Music

Raff was a prolific composer, having written more than 300 works, many of which have several movements. As you'd expect, you'll find a complete catalogue here, and to help you it is presented in three formats: in date of compostion order, by opus number and by genre.

Description and analysis
The best way to appreciate Raff's music is to listen to it. You'll find almost eight hours of Raff's music here for you to discover.

For a short review of an individual work and an overview of Raff's compositions in a particular genre, go to the Brief Descriptions section. The pages here feature concise and non-analytical descriptions of over a hundred works, each illustrated with a streaming audio example of the music.

For a more in depth look at over fifty of Raff's major works, visit the Detailed Descriptions section. Mirroring the level of detail you'd find in a CD booklet or concert programme notes, these pages document the background to the music and offer movement by movement descriptions, complete with several streaming audio examples from the piece.

Finally, have a look at the Analysis section, which offers extensive in depth examinations of selected works written by respected authors, all of them authorities on Raff and his music.

Newly discovered works
The upsurge of interest in Raff's music has aided the discovery of works which were either known about and thought lost or which were unknown until their discovery. The Newly discovered works section has the details of the three compositions which have come to light in recent years.

Click on this icon to hear Raff's music. The audio
If you have a suitable mp3 player installed on your computer, to hear the music just click on this icon when you see it, to hear a two minute extract illustrating the work in question.

These excerpts are intended only to give a impression of Raff's music. To work with as wide a variety as possible of internet connections they have been recorded in basic quality mono mp3 format.

For copyright reasons this is streaming audio and you are unable to download the mp3 files themselves. These extracts are not representative of the quality of any of the original commercial recordings from which they have been made - the copyrights of which are fully and gratefully acknowledged. Where the sample is taken from a commercial CD, the recording number is given - please buy the CD if you like what you hear.

Other samples are from recordings of radio broadcasts. The copyright of the broadcaster is acknowledged in all cases. Some extracts are from private recordings. Permission to use these is gratefully acknowledged.

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