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Concert reviews

Announcements of forthcoming concerts featuring Raff's music are to be found on the Concert & other news page. The following concerts have been reviewed:

Lachen, Switzerland: 27 May 1997
The Symphony No.7 "In the Alps" op.201, Cello Concerto No.2 WoO.44 and Overture Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott op.127 played by the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Giovanni Bria - with cellist Yves Savary.

Joachim Raff Society AGM Wiesbaden, Germany: 4 October 1997
The Violin Sonata No.1 op.73, Cello Sonata op.183 and Piano Trio No.1 op.102 played by Jochen Brusch (violin), Mario de Secondi (cello) and Stefana Chitta-Stegemann (piano).

Lachen, Switzerland: 11 September 1999
Overture to the opera Benedetto Marcello WoO.45 and the Violin Concerto No.2 op.206 played by the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Giovanni Bria - with violinist Julia Galic.

Alzenau, Germany: 5 November 1999
The Four Marian Antiphons WoO.27 and the Ave Maria WoO.33 sung by the Maulbronn Choir.

New York City, USA: 2 October 2000
Symphony No.5 Lenore op.177, Ode au Printemps op.76, March from the Incidental Music to Bernhard von Weimar WoO.17, Cavatina op.85 no.3, Mazurka op.174 No.8 and La Fileuse op.157 No.2 played by the Jupiter Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jens Nygaard and pianist Jung Lin.

Joachim Raff Society AGM Wiesbaden, Germany: 14 October 2000
Various piano works by Raff, and also Clara and Robert Schumann, played by Matthias Thiemal (piano).

Speyer, Germany: 5 November 2000
Symphonic Psalm 130 De Profundis op.141 for chorus and orchestra and the Overture Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott op.127 performed by the Pfalz state chorus and the Breslau Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Udo-Rainer Follert.

Bamberg, Germany: 21 December 2000
Symphony No.2 performed by the the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Hans Stadlmair.

St. Gallen, Switzerland: 20 May 2001
Symphony No.7 In den Alpen performed by the the Sudwest Radio Symphony Orchestra of Bamberg & Freiburg, conducted by Urs Schneider.

Wiesbaden, Germany: 17 November 2001
Oratorio Welt Ende - Gericht -Neue Welt op.212 performed by the Schierstein Choir and Bach-Ensemble of Wiesbaden under Martin Lutz with soloists Birgit Schmickler (alto) and Berthold Possemeyer (baritone).

Stuttgart, Germany: 23 May 2002
Sinfonietta for 10 wind instruments op.188, String Sextet op.178, Violin Sonata No.3 op.128, two movements from String Quartet No.7 op.192 no.2, Duo for Piano & Violin on motifs from Der Fliegende Holländer op.63 no.1 and Cavatina op.85 no.3 performed by chamber soloists led by Ingof Turban, violin.

London, UK: 25 June 2002
Symphony No.5 Lenore op.177 performed by the New Queen's Hall Orchestra conducted by Paul Murphy.

Bad Urach, Germany: 28 & 30 September 2002
Olga’s Ruhe am Wasserfall bei Urach played by Aya Ashihara, piano. Raff's orchestration of Liszt's original version of the Symphonic Poem Prometheus performed by the Würrtemberg Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Roberto Paternostro.

Bad Urach, Germany: 2 October 2002
The Eglogue for violin and piano Aus der Schwiez op.57, the Sonatille No.1 op.99 for violin and piano and Nos.1,2&3 of the Six Pieces op.85 for violin and piano, performed by Ingolf Turban, violin and Jascha Nemtsov, piano.

Metzingen, Germany: 4 October 2002
Concert performance of the lyric opera Benedetto Marcello performed by Melba Ramos (soprano), Margarete Joswig (mezzo), Johannes Kalpers (tenor) and Detlef Roth (baritone) and the Kaiserslautern Sudwest Runkfunk Orchestra conducted by Gzegorz Nowak.

Bognor Regis, UK: 7 December 2002
Fantasie-Sonate op.168, Trois Morceaux op.2 and Piano Sonata op.14 (2nd. version) played by Valentina Seferinova.

Steckborn, Switzerland: 15 May 2004
Violin Concerto No.2 op.206 played by the Bohemian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Urs Schneider - with violinist Judith Ingolfsson.

Rapperswil, Switzerland: 23 January 2005
Piano Quintet op.105 played by the Ensemble Il Trittico with Isabelle Ladewig, violin and Patrick Jüdt, viola.

New York City, USA: 1 May 2006
Piano Quintet op.105 played by soloists of the Jupiter Symphony chamber players.

Bard Music Festival , New York State, USA: 12 August 2006
Prelude to Shakespeare's Der Sturm WoO.49 played by the American Symphony Orchestrea under Leon Botstein.

Bard Music Festival , New York State, USA: 19 August 2006
String Sextet op.178 played by the Bard Festival String Quartet & others.

New York City, USA: 25 September 2006
Octet op.176 played by soloists of the Jupiter Symphony chamber players.

Antwerp, Belgium : 11 May 2007
Symphony No.4 op.167, played by the Royal Flemish Orchestra under Philippe Herreweghe.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam : 17 August 2007
Piano Concerto op.185 played by the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet & Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Phi Phi Le - with pianist Tra Nguyen.

Basel, Switzerland : 29 April 2008
Piano Quartets Nos.1 and 2 op.202 played by Il Trittico and David Greenlees.

Cheltenham, United Kingdom: 1 June 2008
Variations on an Original Theme op.179, Abends op.55 No.12 and Im Schilff op.196 No.1 played by Tra Nguyen.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: 18 August 2008
Suite for Piano & Orchestra op.200 played by the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet & Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Tran Vuong Thach - with pianist Tra Nguyen.

New York City, USA: 22 September 2008
String Quartet No.7 Die Schöne Müllerin played by the Jupiter Symphony Chamber Players.

Scottsdale, USA: 26 October 2008
Symphony No.10 Zur Herbstzeit and Festmarsch played by Musica Nova conducted by Warren Cohen.

Karlstad, Sweden: 2 April 2009
Symphony No.3 Im Walde played by the Värmlandoperans Sinfonietta conducted by Henrik Schaefer.

Lachen, Switzerland: 30 January 2010
Symphony No.11 Der Winter played by the Sinfonieorchester Ausserschwyz under their conducor Urs Bamert.

Hagen, Germany: 18 May 2010
Symphony No.3 Im Walde played by the Philharmonisches Orchester, Hagen conducted by Andreas Stoer.

Hillside N.J., USA: 6 October 2011
Two movements of the String Sextet played by soloists of Kean University.

Cheltenham, United Kingdom: 23 October 2011
Cinc Eglogues op.105 played by Tra Nguyen.

Frankfurt am Main,Germany: 22 and 25 June 2012
Piano Concerto, Die Sterne, Fantasy-Sonata, Cavatina and various piano pieces.

Lachen, Switzerland: 19 October 2012
Cello Concerto No.1, Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott Overture played by the Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie, Konstanz conducted by Giovanni Bria. Also an an exhibition about Raff's life.

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