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Die Tageszeiten
Score of Die Tageszeiten

Scores or parts for Raff's compositions

If you want a score or parts for any of Raff's compositions then this section has three tools to help you find what you are looking for:

Score Library:
The Score Library currently offers scores or parts for around 60 of Raff's works. All are downloadable at no cost in convenient, easy to print and view, PDF format. They are in the Public Domain, so they may be copied freely, and have had non-musical pages removed, cutting download size and printing cost. Whilst the scans are not of the quality of commercial offerings, the collection is intended to offer the curious an accessible first look at many of Raff's scores.

New & Facsimile Editions listing:
A complete list of all the new editions and modern facsimile reproductions of Raff's music currently available.

Guide to finding scores:
If the music you are looking for isn't in the Score Library and there is no modern edition of it, then go to the Guide to finding scores. Every work written by Raff is listed together with the libraries worldwide which hold a copy of it, as recorded in their online catalogues. If a score is in the Score Library or available in a modern edition, then this is also noted. There are links to available recordings and to any descriptions or streaming audio extracts from the piece available at this website. The Guide is fully searchable and there are comprehensive notes to help you interpret the Guide and your search results. It also has a full list of all the libraries which hold Raff scores and links to their online catalogues

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Tip! The more precise you can be the better, as there may well be several works on the same page with similar names and only the first match will be shown in the results. Thus "Abends Rhapsodie" is better than "Abends" and "Violin Sonata No.5" is better than "Sonata". Enclose a phrase in quotes as shown in these examples. Works are listed by their original German or French titles and the English translation. You can search for any.

You'll be presented with a list of pages. Choose a page and it will be displayed with the score's entry highlighted: