Edition Nordstern score
Edition Nordstern's new edition of Raff's Elegie WoO.49




















MPH score
Musikproduction Jürgen Höflich's study score of the Symphony No.8 op.205
























Edition Silvertrust score
Edition Silvertrust score of the Piano Trio No.4

New & modern facsimile editions

Edition Nordstern
A modern partial edition of works by Raff is being published by Edition Nordstern of Stuttgart, Germany. In all 71 publications are planned with the main focus being on chamber music and on works which have been previously unpublished. All volumes are newly edited with the musical text being based upon the original publications or the composer's autographs, if available. Deviations from the original sources are documented and each volume is prefaced with an introduction to the work - in both German and English - generally containing previously unpublished sources and studies. Some have been published on this site. Scores available so far, or shortly to become available:

• Opera Benedetto Marcello WoO 47. Orchestral score– Ref. 0118-0470. Piano score - Ref. 0118-0471
• Psalm 130 for Solo, eight-part mixed choir and orchestra De Profundis Op. 141. Orchestral score -
  Ref. 0114-1410. Piano score - Ref. 0114- 1411.
• Four Marian Antiphones WoO.28 for mixed choir, a capella. Score - Ref. 0115-3070
Ave Maria (Motet) for eight part choir, a capella, WoO.34. Score – Ref. 0115-3110
Pater Noster (Motet) for eight part choir, a capella, Score - Ref. 0115-3100
• Symphony No.2 Op.140. Orchestral score - Ref. 0122-1400. Study score
   - Ref. 0122-1403
• Cello concerto No.2 WoO.45. Orchestral score - Ref. 0116-3130, Piano score -   
   Ref. 0116-3131
• Violin concerto No.1 Op. 161. Orchestral score - Ref. 0116-1610.
   Piano Score - Ref.   0116-1611
• Violin concerto No.2 Op. 206. Orchestral score - Ref. 0116-2060. Piano
   Score - Ref.   0116-2061
• Suite for Violin & Orchestra op.180. Orchestral score - Ref. 0116-1800. Piano score
  with separate Violin part - Ref. 0116-1801. Study score - Ref. 0116-1802.
• Overture to Benedetto Marcello WoO.47. Orchestral score - Ref. 0117-3190
• Elegie WoO.49 for orchestra. Orchestra score - Ref. 0117-3200.
• Chaconne for solo violin by J.S. Bach WoO40, transcribed for full Orchestra. Orchestral
  score - Ref. 0119-3340
Prometheus Symphonic Poem by Franz Liszt, orchestrated by Raff. Orchestral score -
  Ref. 0119-3450. Study score - Ref. 0119-3451.
Sturm Orchestral Prelude to Shakespeare's "The Tempest". Orchestral score -
  Ref. 0117-W490.
• Overture to Die Eifersüchtigen WoO.55. Orchestral score.
• String Octet Op. 176. Score and Parts - Ref. 0113-1760. Complete set of Parts
  - Ref. 01131762. Study score - Ref. 0113-1761.
• String Sextet Op. 178. Score and Parts - Ref. 0113-1780
• Piano Trio No.1 Op. 102. Score and Parts - Ref. 0112-1020
• String Quartet No. 2 Op. 90. Score and Parts - Ref. 0110-0900
• String Quartet No. 4 Op. 137. Score and Parts - Ref. 0110-1370
• String Quartet No. 6 Suite in älterer Form Op. 192/1. Score and Parts - Ref.
  0110-1921. Study score - Ref. 0110-192a
• String Quartet No. 7 Die Schöne Müllerin Op. 192/2. Score and Parts - Ref.
  0110- 1922. Study score - Ref. 0110-192b
• String Quartet No. 8 Suite in Kanonform Op. 192/3. Score and Parts - Ref.
Volker Cyclic Tonepoem op.203 for violin and piano
• Piano sonata Op. 14 (1844 version) - Ref. 0101-0141
• Piano sonata Op. 14 (1881 version) - Ref. 0101-0142
• Fantasy sonata for piano op 168 - Ref. 0101-1680
• Piano Suite in a op.69 - Ref. 0102-0690
• Piano Suite in C op.71 - Ref. 0102-0710
• Piano Suite in e op.72 - Ref. 0102-0720
• Two pieces for piano Op. 157, Cavatina, La Fileuse - Ref. 0103-1570
• Cello Suites by J.S. Bach transcribed for piano WoO.31:
    Cello suite No.1 WoO.31-1 - Ref. 0105-2171
    Cello suite No.2 WoO.31-2 - Ref. 0105-2172
    Cello suite No.3 WoO.31-3 - Ref. 0105-2173
    Cello suite No.4 WoO.31-4 - Ref. 0105-2174
    Cello suite No.5 WoO.31-5 - Ref. 0105-2175
    Cello suite No.6 WoO.31-6 - Ref. 0105-2176

Musikproduction Jürgen Höflich
This German company Musikproduction Jürgen Höflich has facsimile study scores available for seven Raff symphonies and a concerto amongst other works in their fascinating catalogue of neglected masterpieces. Each features an extensive essay introducing the work, some of which have been published this site:

Raff scores digitised from the holdings of the Russian State Library can be supplied to order in both hardcover and softcover versions from Elibron:


The International Music Score Library Project is a vast collection of free public domain scores, downloadable in PDF format. There are currently 102 Raff scores available at IMSLP:

The US based music publisher Edwin A Kalmus has facsimile study scores available of several of Raff's symphonies and other works, available for hire or purchase:

Merton Music
British publishers Merton Music have an extensive collection of facsimile reproductions and new editions of parts and study scores of hard to find chamber music. There is no website, but they may be contacted through email and have agents in other European countries, the USA and Australia:

Ries & Erler
The German music house Ries & Erler publish a number of Raff scores:

Edition Silvertrust
US publishers Edition Silvertrust specialise in reprinting editions of chamber music by neglected romantic composers, and currently have sets of parts for 13 major chamber works by Raff :

Bisel Classics
Bisel Classics are selling new editions of several piano works by Raff:

Recital Publications
Recital Publications of Huntsville, Texas USA have several reprints of original editions of Raff lieder and chamber music works:

Musica Obscura
Aptly named Musica Obscura Edition specialise in the works of negelcted composers. They offer four reproduction scores of piano works by Raff:

Edition Koru
Th small Swiss publishing house Edition Koru have available the scores for two of Raff's piano works:

Edition Steingraber
The German imprint Edition Steingraber have republished its original 1883 edition of Raff's largest set of piano pieces:

Amadeus Verlag
Music publishers Amadeus of Winterthur, Switzerland publish a new edition of Raff's only work for French Horn & Piano:

Bardon Enterprises
Bardon Enterprises of Southsea, UK publish a modern edition of Raff's only work for Organ:

Arrangements for organ by others of some works by Raff are available through Bardon Enterprises' Custom Service.

Edition Musica Rinata
Edition Musica Rinata of Ditzingen, Germany publish a modern edition of Raff's only work for Organ:

Original Editions
Most of Raff's music remains available only in the 19th. century original editions - see the Guide to finding scores page.

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