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    What's new
    Introduction to Raff
    Sitemap - this page
   •Catalogue of Raff's music...
       Allocation of WoO nos.
      •By Date...
      •By Opus No...
          Works without opus nos.
          Lost Works
          Projected Works
      •By Genre...
          Orchestral works
          Opera & Choral works
          Chamber works
          Leider & Song
          Piano works 1
          Piano works 2
          Piano works 3
          Arranged works 1
          Arranged works 2
   •Brief descriptions of works by Raff...
       Other Orchestral Music
       Chamber Music 1
       Chamber Music 2
       Vocal Music
       Piano Music 1
       Piano Music 2
       Piano Music 3
       Piano Music 4
       Organ Music
   •Detailed descriptions of works by Raff...
         Symphony No.2
         Symphony No.3
         Symphony No.4
         Symphony No.5
         Symphony No.6
         Symphony No.7
         Symphony No.8
         Symphony No.9
         Symphony No.10
         Symphony No.11
      •Orchestral works...
         Italian Suite
         Hungarian Suite
         Thüringian Suite
         Festival Overture
         Concert Overture
         Overture: Ein feste Burg
         Piano Concerto
         Suite for Piano & Orchestra
         Ode au Printemps
         Violin Concerto No.2
         Suite for Violin & Orchestra
         La Fée d'Amour
         Cello Concerto No.1
         Cello Concerto No.2
      •Chamber works...
         String Sextet
         Piano Quintet
         Fantasy for Piano Quintet
         Piano Quartet No.1
         Piano Quartet No.2
         String Quartet No.1
         String Quartet No.2
         String Quartet No.7
         Piano Trio No.1
         Piano Trio No.2
         Violin Sonata No.4
         Violin Sonata No.5
         Six Morceaux
         Cello Sonata
      •Vocal works...
         König Alfred
         Dame Kobold
         Benedetto Marcello
         World's End Oratorio
         Die Tageszeiten
         De Profundis
         Die Sterne
         Sanges Frühling
         Maria Stuart
      •Piano works...
         Piano Sonata
         Piano Suite in D minor
         Piano Suite in G minor
         Piano Suite in B flat
         Three Pieces
         Twelve Romances
         Dance Caprices
         Three Piano Solos
         From the Rhine
         30 Progressive Etudes
   •Musical Analysis...
       Analysis of Raff's music in detail
       Edition Nordstern forewords
       Musikproduktion Höflich forewords
       Historical Analysis
   •Newly discovered works...
       Concert Etude on a Motif from I Puritani
       Two Settings of Tennyson's Tears, Idle Tears
    Outline of Raff's life
    Timeline of Raff's life
    Lachen: Raff's birthplace
    Raff's nationality
    Memorials to Raff
   •Detailed biography...
       Years in Switzerland
       Raff in Cologne
       Raff's time in Stuttgart
       Raff in Hamburg
       An idyll in Bad Eilsen
          A dream realised
          Success and drudgery
          Disillusion and hope
          Raff's death
          The aftermath of Raff's death
       Doris Genast, Raff's wife
       Raff's daughter, Helene
       The Raff family
       The Genast family
       Family trees
   •Raff & his peers...
       Boise's memories of Raff
       Brahms on Raff
       von Bülow and Raff
       The curious Klughardt coincidences
       Liszt and Raff
       Macdowell's memories of Raff
       Mason on Raff
       Anton Rubinstein and Raff
       Clara Schumann
       Tchaikovsky's view of Raff
       Theodore Thomas and Raff
       Raff's pupil Urspruch
       Wagner and Raff
       Other musicians
       Raff's circle of friends
   •The critics' view of Raff...
       Coerne's judgement
       Ewen's assessment of Raff
       Gehring's opinion of Raff
       Goepp on Raff's symphonies
       Henderson's view of Raff
       Hill reviews Raff's music
       Lessmann's assessment of Raff's piano music
       Daniel Gregory Mason
       Niecks on Raff
       Parry's opinion of Raff
       Prout discusses Raff 1
       Prout discusses Raff 2
       Riemann's judgement on Raff
       George Bernard Shaw
       Upton's view of Raff
       The English critcs' opinion of Raff
       Raff's English premiere
       A modern view of Raff
          Monthly Musical Record
          Musical Times
          The Times
   •Raff and his art...
       Raff's character
       Raff's influence
       Raff's work habits
       Raff's originality
       The arranger
       Raff as author
       Raff's Marches
       Raff and the Suite
       The Teacher
       The pupils
       Attitude to the other arts
       Raff and the French romantics
       Unfulfilled projects
       Poets & librettists
       Collapse of reputation
       Die Wagnerfrage
       The First Violin

       CD discography: Symphonies
       CD discography: Other orchestral works
       CD discography: Chamber music
       CD discography: Vocal music
       CD discography: Piano music
       LP discography
   •CD Reviews...
          Symphonies Nos.1-11 etc.)
          Symphony No.1(1)
          Symphony No.1(2)
          Symphony No.2(1)
          Symphony No.2(2)
          Symphony No.3
          Symphonies Nos.3 & 10
          Symphony No.4
          Symphony No.5 #1
          Symphony No.5 #2
          Symphony No.5 #3
          Symphony No.6
          Symphony No.7 #1
          Symphony No.7 #2
          Symphonies Nos.8 & 10
          Symphonies Nos.9 & 11
          Symphonies Nos.8-11
          Piano Concerto
          Suite for Piano & Orchestra etc.
          Violin Concerto No.1 etc.
          Violin Concerto No.2 etc.
          Cello Concertos
          Cello Concerto No.1
          Bach Chaconne transcription
          String Sextet & Piano Quintet
          Piano Quintet & Fantasie
          Piano Quartets Nos.1 & 2
          String Quartets Nos.1 & 7
          String Quartets Nos.2 & 6
          String Quartets Nos.6 & 7
          Piano Trios Nos.1-4
          Piano Trio No.1
          Piano Trios Nos.1 & 4
          Piano Trios Nos.2 & 3
          Violin Sonatas Nos.1, 3 & 4
          Violin Sonatas Nos.2 & 5
          Violin Sonata No.1 etc.
          Violin Sonata No.2 etc.
          Violin Sonata No.3 etc.
          Violin Sonatas Nos.4 & 5 etc.
          Sonatilles etc.
          Lohengrin Duo
          De Profundis, Te Deum etc.
          Die Tageszeiten etc.
          Sanges-Frühling etc.
          Piano Sonatas
          Piano Sonata & Piano Suite No.4
          Piano Suites vol.I
          Piano Suites vol.II
          Piano Suites vol.III
          Piano Suites vol.IV
          Piano Suite No.4
          Raff Piano Works vol.1
          Raff Piano Works vol.2
          Raff Piano Works vol.3
          Reminiscences of Mozart's Don Juan
          Beethoven Romance transcription
          Two Verdi parphrases
          Bach Cello Suite transcription
          Bach Chaconne transcription
       Other internet reviews
       Write your own review
   •Recommended recordings...
       Orchestral music
       Vocal music
       Chamber music
       Piano music
    Raff's LP heritage
    Bernard Herrmann - a Raff pioneer
    Where to buy Raff CDs
    Score Library
    New & facsimile editions
   •Guide to finding Raff scores...
       Guide to finding scores
       Orchestral works
       Opera & Choral works
       Chamber works
       Piano works 1
       Piano works 2
       Piano works 3
       Arranged works 1
       Arranged works 2
    Historical sources for Raff
    Steve's Bedroom Band
    Radio Series: La Fama Perdita
   •The Alan Krueck Archive...
       Researching Raff
      Identity Crisis - or The Vienna Competition
       Maledcitory musicology
       A tale of two Lenores
      •The Symphonies...
          Symphony in E minor
          Symphony No.1 An das Vaterland
          Symphony No.2
          Symphony No.4
          Symphony No.6
          Symphony No.7 In den Alpen
          Die Jahreszeiten Symphony Cycle
          Symphony No.8 Frühlingsklänge
          Symphony No.10 Zur Herbstzeit
          Symphony No.11 Der Winter
      •The Piano Suites...
          Piano Suite No.1
          Piano Suite No.2
          Piano Suite No.3
          Piano Suite No.5
   Books about Raff...
       Books about Raff
       Helene Raff's biography
       Albert Schäfer's catalogue
       Müller-Reuter's Lexikon
   •MIDI files...
       Orchestral music
       Chamber & vocal music
       Piano Sonatas & Suites
       Other piano music 1
       Other piano music 2
   •Picture Gallery...
       Raff portraits
       Raff's writing and family portraits
      •Score title pages...
          Orchestral music
          Vocal music
          Chamber music
          Piano music 1
          Piano music 2
          Piano music 3
       Playbills advertising Raff performances
   •Raff on YouTube...
       Orchestral & chamber music
    CD News
    Concert and other news
   •Concert Reports...
       Concert reviews
      •Concerts in 1997-99...
          Lachen, May 1997
          Wiesbaden, October 1997
          Lachen, September 1999
          Alzenau, November 1999
      •Concerts in 2000...
          Wiesbaden, October 2000
          New York, October 2000
          Speyer, November 2000
          Bamberg, December 2000
      •Concerts in 2001...
          St. Gallen, May 2001
          Wiesbaden, 2001
      •Bad Urach Festival 2002...
          Bad Urach 1, September 2002
          Bad Urach 2, October 2002
          Metzingen, October 2002
      •Other concerts in 2002...
          Stuttgart, May 2002
          London, June 2002
          Bognor Regis, December 2002
      •Concerts in 2004...
          Steckborn, May 2004
      •Concerts in 2005...
          Rapperswil, January 2005
      •Concerts in 2006...
          New York, May 2006
          Bard Festival 1, August 2006
          Bard Festival 2, August 2006
          New York, September 2006
      •Concerts in 2007...
          Antwerp, May 2007
          Ho Chi Minh City, August 2007
      •Concerts in 2008...
          Basel, April 2008
          Cheltenham, June 2008
          Ho Chi Minh City, August 2008
          New York, September 2008
          Scottsdale, October 2008
      •Concerts in 2009...
          Karlstad, April 2009
      •Concerts in 2010...
          Lachen, January 2010
          Hagen, May 2010
      •Concerts in 2011...
          Hillside, October 2011
          Cheltenham, October 2011
      •Concerts in 2012...
          Frankfurt, 2012
          Lachen, 2012
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    The Raff Shop

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